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Sequels? Georgann Johnson, the veteran film, television and Broadway actress who portrayed the mother of Jane Seymour's character on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, died June 4 in Los Angeles. Robbins' next film, Cradle Will Rock , was respected but not loved, and since then he's directed TV, written a play of which he filmed a live performance (Embedded: Live), and returned to acting.

There is an argument that Abrams was starting from a pretty low base - the three prequel Star Wars films that George Lucas made from 1999 to 2005 were so risibly bad, any film that displayed the merest comprehension of what this epic space opera meant to people would have gained plaudits.

Abrams was never a huge Star Trek fan - in fact he got himself into a spot of bother when he told the LA Times that he wasn't an insane fanatic” and was making a film for typical moviegoers rather than for fans who wanted him to be true to every arcane detail”.

Of course, most directors could say that they were a fan of the first three films, and that this new film was as much about honouring those movies as it was about moving the story on. But speak to any of the actors on set - as The National did earlier this month - and the impression was of a director who was genuinely consumed by the potential of making Star Wars not only as good as it could possibly be, but also the starting point for a new trilogy that could stand proudly alongside the originals.

Led a sad & unpleasant life: alcohol, pills, suicide attempts; died from an "accidental" drug overdose. As someone who grew up loving the original Star Wars films himself, he had an instinctive connection with them. Delores Taylor, who co-starred with her husband Tom Laughlin in his productions of the "Billy Jack" series of films, died March 23. She was 85.

Summer usually sees very few dramatic films, which is odd, because these used to be the bread and butter of Hollywood. Daniel Pilon, a Canadian actor who starred on the TV series "Dallas," died June 26. He was 77. Icelandic actor Stefan Karl Stefansson, best known for playing villain Robbie Rotten in the popular children's TV show "LazyTown," died August 21. He was 43.

The most prolific actor turned director on our list (with 31 released features) began his directorial career in 1971 with the psychological thriller Play Misty for Me. Since then, he has tried his hand at comedy (Bronco Billy), romance ( The Bridges of Madison County ) , the biopic ( Bird ), and, recently, an abundance of historical dramas ( Flags of Our Fathers , Letters from Iwo Jima , Changeling , Invictus ). But in the end he might best be known for the genre in which he gained fame as an actor — the western.

Characters like Crabby, Stevenson and Siddeley could make more appearances and lines in Cars 3. And I hope that the returning characters whose names were not mentioned in the other Cars films will be mentioned in Cars 3. It can star Jack Nicholson and Reese Witherspoon.

Like Kevin Costner, Redford's first film as a director, 1980‘s Ordinary People, won an Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture, but the film often joins Dances with Wolves on lists of least worthy Best Picture winners because it beat out another Martin Scorsese film, Raging Bull.

They'd take the time to show the absolute insanity of life within the "family", and the hunt for them, and the impact it had on life in LA. The following decade saw Kelly star in countless films including The Accused and Cat Chaser, which she famously despised.

Beloved children's TV show host, comedian, puppeteer, actor, and voiceover artist Chuck McCann died on April 8 from congestive heart failure. Jóhann Jóhannsson, the Oscar-nominated composer of such films as Arrival,” Sicario” and The Theory of Everything,” died Feb.

Begin Again: Once writer-director John Carney returns with another story about love and music. Jon Schnepp, who wrote for and directed the 2000s animated television series Metalocalypse” died July 19. He was 51. I think he will either (a) tone down the violence against Tom Cruise and Tate Chasers women in the movie or (b) hope everyone will have moved on from #MeToo by the time the movie is released in Aug.

A Quick Guide To Supply Chain Benchmarking

The domestic corporate travel market is set to undergo many subtle changes in 2017, says Alan Low of category benchmarking company Pi. With a forecast of stagnant economic growth, downgrades and political uncertainty, organisations will be looking for more savings and greater efficiency. In order to avoid this, procurement departments would be better off to break away from more traditional approaches to benchmarking and instead look at alternative, more accurate ways to successfully rank TMCs in terms of their performance, rather than solely in terms of their prices.

Identify which processes need to be benchmarked and in what order. For the first time we are publishing our benchmarking research which is based on UK wide industry data. According to a survey on The Benchmarking Exchange web site, 42% of responding companies have a formal benchmarking process, and almost all benchmarking activities result in the implementation of some changes.

Benchmarking shows you whether your performance is stronger or weaker than your competitors. We are often asked by clients, how well they are performing against industry averages, whether there are parts of their business that can be improved and where the biggest drains on profits are.

For example, financial benchmarking data will help you to see how much you earn and how much you spend on advertising , rent , staff, training and other expenses compared to your competitors. Benchmarking is comparing ones business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies.

Had a similar problem with one or more of the Marketing capabilities at one time. Measuring Your Program's Success—Tips for Sharing Program Performance with Leadership —a 19-page report providing various metrics and benchmarking tips to use when sharing your organization's performance with upper management.

AdEspresso's data from 2016 shows that the cost-per-click of your Facebook ads variated greatly between different placements. While there is no specific industry benchmark for average hold times, Prosci's report can be useful for this metric and others. While benchmarking is easy for larger retailers who have vast resources and public companies as competitors, it can be tough for SMB retailers to assess their business's performance.

Companies have all kinds of reasons to scale back on Marketing whether in good times, we're doing so well we don't need Marketing” and in bad times, we cannot afford Marketing.” The real focus should be on making sure your marketing is firing on all cylinders and operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Whatever process(es) you decide to benchmark, you want to benchmark the process, the performance drivers, and the cost and time associated with each. By studying companies with superior performance, breaking down what makes such superior performance possible, and then comparing those processes to how your business operates, you can implement changes that will yield significant improvements.

Benchmarking data can be obtained from international, regional, and national sources. The Content Marketing Institute has conducted a B2B benchmarking study for the past six years. Consider benchmarking quality and outcomes, not just costs. Ad fatigue means that people have gotten tired of seeing your Facebook cost benchmarking software ads for so many consecutive times.

When benchmarking, you should analyse in detail how your business compares to others. Since most of the measures in a benchmarking process fall into one of two categories, financial resources and product strategy, this understanding can often be used to simplify the framework of analysis.

To use benchmarking you must have at least one company in the study that serves as the benchmark: the standard to which others compare themselves for both the way the process is run and the results obtained from that process. As a verb, benchmarking compares metrics or standards between what other organizations or industries are doing versus your organization's goals or processes.

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But the division did not enter the SUV arena in earnest until 1974, with the purpose-built Ramcharger Offering the then-popular open body style and Dodge's powerful V8 engines, the Ramcharger was a strong competitor for trucks like the Ford Bronco , Chevrolet Blazer and International Harvester Scout II.

Also in 1916, the Dodge Brothers' vehicles won acclaim for durability while in service with the U.S. Army's Pancho Villa Expedition into Mexico 10 One notable instance was in May when the 6th Infantry received a reported sighting of Julio Cárdenas , one of Villa's most trusted subordinates.

Ram hood ornaments adorned every Dodge car and truck from 1932 to 1954. Dodge and NASCAR meet at Auto Show: on December 4 of last year, Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which is the parent of Dodge, said with substantial conviction that he wants to get Dodge back into NASCAR.

When the stand-alone experiment began in 2009, the near-death experience of the bankruptcy and taxpayer bailout had left its mark on Chrysler. 12 With the loss of both founders, the Dodge Brothers Company passed into the hands of the brothers' widows, who promoted long-time employee Frederick Haynes to the company presidency.

The prospect of a breakup or sale comes at a particularly difficult time for Fiat Chrysler. This Fiat-Chrysler merger created the world's sixth largest automaker. You're on crack or you're working for a company and don't want competition in the car market. They may suggest asking your creditors (people or businesses you owe money to) to give you more time to pay your debt, or accept a smaller payment to settle the debt.

A shell company is a type of company that only exists on paper, allowing the person who uses it to funnel money through it and avoid paying taxes. For the first few years, these were based largely on the existing passenger cars, but eventually gained their own chassis and body designs as the market matured.

Since taking over Chrysler after its 2009 bankruptcy, FCA's executive leadership has consistently eliminated the badge-engineered twinned vehicles that were so common under former owner Daimler AG. Most recently, that has played out with the Jeep Compass, which will replace both the current model Compass and Jeep Patriot when it goes on sale in North America early next year.

In fairness, this was true of most American automakers at the time, but Chrysler was also not in the best financial shape to do anything about it. Consequently, while General Motors and Ford were quick to begin downsizing their largest cars, Chrysler (and Dodge) moved more slowly out of necessity.

Since opening our doors, Tacoma Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has kept a firm commitment to our customers all over the Puget Sound and Western Washington region. On June 23, 2009, Ford received a $5.9 billion loan from the Energy Department's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program.

We stock all the latest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, including best sellers such as the Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Jeep Renegade, and RAM 1500. The sale to Fiat marks a victory for the Obama administration, which shepherded Chrysler into Chapter 11 protection on April 30 with the hope that the company would emerge in a matter of months with a new partner.

Welcome Dodge Alfa to your local Oak Ridge, TN new and used car dealership - Secret City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM! When demand for fuel-efficient vehicles spiked, Chrysler had little to offer, and its sales collapsed. ALFA ROMEO and FIAT are registered trademarks of FCA Group Marketing S.p.A., used with permission.

4 Ways To Deal With Residential Water Damage

Water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor environment. Electronic, electrical and telecommunications equipment can be recovered from catastrophic water damage due to hurricanes, floods, fire suppression and other severe water impact situations. Once water entered inside the iphone and touches logic board that means it is dead.

Be especially wary if your wounded gadget is an iPhone—disassembling your iPhone yourself, or handing it off to a third-party repair shop could leave your TouchID rendered permanently useless. Removing any moisture and cleaning up (not necessarily repairs) are key to keeping your budget to a minimum.

We offer quick, reliable service and the lowest prices around, so you can get your iPhone fixed without breaking the bank or waiting a long time. From a damaged roof to burst pipes in your basement or walls, from a flood, storm, or water damage after a fire, call us your water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair specialists.

Modern techniques help preserve your home after flooding and water damage. The nano-coating covering connectors and ports will degrade, and as water evaporates off of your iPhone, it'll dry out any plastic. Don't move the phone more than you have to. It is best to keep the phone still to prevent water from spreading throughout the device.

Just want to forward a note of thanks on this particular water damage incident for two reasons….1) the Provost himself is a very senior level administrator and his office operation is highly critical, and 2) yesterday was our 2nd anniversary of our house disaster, and I found this email an ironic reminder of how time flies and makes you forget tough incidents!!!!!

The first step in having your water damaged device restored is for our technicians to conduct a diagnostic test, which will show them exactly what component has been damaged by liquid, before carrying out this repair, they will quote you on the repair before carrying out any further repairs.

Dehumidifiers are used to extract water while drying affected areas and preventing the growth of mildew and mold. When you're in need of iPhone 7 water damage repair, rely on CPR Cell Phone Repair. Even if there are no obvious, visible signs of water damage on your iPhone, if liquid is sitting on the internal components then it's only a matter of time before something goes awry internally.

We offer quick, reliable service and the lowest prices around, so you can get your iPhone fixed without breaking the bank or waiting a long time. From a damaged roof to burst pipes in Water Damage Restoration Alpharetta your basement or walls, from a flood, storm, or water damage after a fire, call us your water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair specialists.

These factors primarily determine the cost of cleanup and removal of damage to a home. Not only does water cause initial damage, you can have secondary damage that occurs from the moisture when it's not properly addressed. It's not uncommon for us to fix” a water damage phone and everything seems to be working fine.

Sometimes you will need to keep samples of damaged property, such as a piece of rug, for claim purposes. Not only is the drywall itself ruined, but the wet paper backer of the drywall becomes an excellent environment for mold growth. PuroClean has developed top quality equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodourizing, and disinfecting that allows for properties to be restored with minimal disruption.

Quick mitigation prevents this, lowering water damage restoration costs and preserving your peace of mind. Once the moisture is removed, the assemblies can be cleaned to remove deposited oil and grease, soot, debris and other soils. If you expect to get back a fully functioning phone that works like new and continues to work like new for the next 2 years, then no. You shouldn't get your water damaged phone fixed because you will likely be upset at the results.

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Tony was the leader of a notorious London Hooligan firm, but whilst fighting a Russian ultra he sustains a head injury and must sit out some of the fun. The French police, said another official darkly, probably weren't tough enough to deal with decent, red-blooded Russian hooligans after spending so long marshalling Gay Pride marches. On Tuesday, Kiev and national police had said Babchenko, a strong critic of the Kremlin, had been shot multiple times in the back at his apartment building and been found bleeding by his wife.

Babchenko, who has previously said he feared a Russian assassination attempt, apologised to friends and family who had begun mourning for him at the press conference - including his own wife. In the short term it is advantageous to Russia and Syria to allow the US to occupy eastern Syria.

The belief that people looking in from the outside perceive hooligans to be more racist than they actually are is also held by Paul, a black Liverpool hooligan. 'Neill was a member of the Red Army and The Casuals firms, and has written books on hooliganism.

What motivates Russian hooligans? Fresh off Euro 2016, Russia's top football ultra talks violence, demonstrations, and British hooligans. However, Russian historians claim part of the agreement stipulated that Ukraine accepted Russia's rule, but Ukraine insists it was always to remain independent.

Vitaly Mutko, Russia's sports minister, unexpectedly accused Shprygin and the ultras of harming Russia's reputation, while state media swiftly toned down its celebratory reports of the Marseille violence. Dasha Timofeeva, 27, a Russia fan who was at the game with her father, Viktor, said the event had been poorly policed, and she was ashamed of the behaviour of some of her compatriots.

An episode of drama the BBC drama, Life on Mars centred on football hooliganism by Manchester United fans in the 1970s. Ukrainian fans - including ultras from the so-called Trouble Company - have also been gathering for the game. In late September, his supporters' association was expelled from the Russian Football Union, the domestic game's ruling body, during a conference at a central Moscow hotel.

Rebekah Vardy, the wife of the England striker Jamie, had to be escorted from a brasserie near the stadium after riot police teargassed marauding hooligans. The message is clear: no one, not even Shprygin and the ultras, will be allowed to get in the way of Putin's vision for the World Cup.

The Russian Military Police reportedly arrested several soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army because of looting”. While the police's approach to football fans' general rowdiness can be critiqued as being objectionable, violent disorder is another issue entirely. Retweeted by Red Army Hooligan Before and after of just 1 week of Ambien use.

Two separate events proved this: The first was the 1985 Kenilworth Road Riot, in which a double-capacity crowd during a hotly contested FA Cup match led to multiple pitch invasions, fighting in the stands, and numerous objects thrown in what resulted in an inter-firm war among the Bushwackers, the Luton MIGs, the Chelsea Headhunters, and the West Ham United Inter City Firm.

The rioting was triggered by what the ultras said was the failure of police to investigative the murder properly, but it was the culmination of years of far-right dissatisfaction over Putin's ethnic policies, which have included massive federal funding for Chechnya, and a refusal to introduce a visa regime for former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

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